We are a group of coaches who are passionate about this community and seeing growth for each individual member!

Meet Our Team

Kelsey Reynolds

HIIT Trainer

David Golub

Yoga Instructor

Amy Hope

CF-L1 and Yoga Instructor

Doctor Amy Hope Started her fitness journey as a recreational runner in college but fell in love with weight training when a running injury forced her to learn the value of strength training.  When she wanted to start learning more about Olympic lifting, she discovered CrossFit and quickly earned her L1 from there. She is passionate about anatomy and biomechanics with is backed up by her "other job" as a full-time Doctor of Physical Therapy. Amy is also a registered Yoga teacher whose active classes will leave you feeling refreshed and energized. 

Zach Hood

CF-L2 Trainer

I played sports since I became eligible as a young boy. Throughout my schooling I played, or at least tried, all of the sports. In high school my choice was Cross Country and the Swim teams. I had a lot of potential in swimming and probably could have went places with it! But instead I chose the fast and hard life of drugs and alcohol. Fast forward 8 years - In 2013 after many run-in’s with the law, I became clean. At that point, I got into doing yoga and P90X. CrossFit found me in 2016 and became a hedge against that old lifestyle and helped me stay clean. I have met a community of healthy and supportive individuals that I know my family and I can count on. Health and wellness are my new drugs of choice.

Tim Reynolds

CF-L2  Trainer

Personal Trainer 


Tim is so passionate about CrossFit. "As a coach, my goal is to have your 1 hour class be the best hour of your day. I strive to tailor every workout to my specific athletes, making sure they can reach their desired goals. Above all, you can anticipate having a bomb workout with the plus of always having jammy music playing while you grind!"

Lacey Nordstrand

Certified HIIT Trainer

Lacey started athletics at a young age. She grew up with very active parents who encouraged a healthy lifestyle. She grew up playing volleyball, basketball, and softball. Later she was fortunate enough to compete in volleyball at the collegiate level until she decided to pursue a career in nursing. She found Crossfit about five years ago and has fallen in love with how it makes her feel and the community. She started coaching HIIT within this last year. She loves showing her two young boys how beneficial it is to be active and take care of our bodies. She also wants to encourage anyone and everyone that you are never too old or too young, too out of shape or too physically fit to benefit from getting out there and moving our bodies. 

Nancy Randall

Owner and CF-L2

CF L1 Weightlifting Certified

Adaptive & Inclusive Trainer 

Nancy found CrossFit in 2013 and had no idea what she was getting into. It did not take long for her to fall in love with feeling healthy, consistently challenged and most of all, being surrounded by the culture and community that is so unique to CrossFit. This lead to her getting her L1 and pouring herself into learning as much as possible about the sport as well as nutrition that fuels. A couple years into it the business plan began to form. First as some fun casual conversion between competition partner, then into a "5 year plan" , then a 2 year and then well...here we are! 

Kelsey Palmer

Certified L1 Trainer

Kelsey has played sports since she was a young girl, continued playing soccer throughout high school and is currently a member of the OSU Womens's Club Soccer Team. When she was 15 years old, her soccer coach introduced her team to CrossFit for a summer training program. From then on Kelsey has returned to the gym every summer as CrossFit has grown on her and has taught her how to challenge her in all aspects of life including academics. She continues to challenge herself everyday in fitness joinery as well as her academic journey that involves a future chemistry degree from Oregon State Univeristy.

Jordan Jenkins


Jordan grew up doing competitive cheerleading for most of her life. Once she started having kids she began running and going to a "regular" gym.  "I missed the community and the feel of working out with people. A friends gave me a gift certificate to start CrossFit in 2018 and I haven't looked back. I love the community feel, the opportunity to get a little bit better each day and the fact that my kids are welcome to be a part of my fitness." 

Matt Vitellaro

USAW L1 Certified

Adaptive & Inclusive Trainer

Matt grew up outside and participated in nearly every sport available. Started CrossFit in 2013 while deployed to Afghanistan and has been a regular ever since. Coach and training have been a part of his profession since graduating High School. "CrossFit continues to allow me to challenge myself in everyday life with the goal to be stronger, faster and harder to kill."

Natalie Vitellaro

WVCF Kids Coach

Stephani Severns

Certified HIIT Trainer

As a college athlete at Western Oregon University I have been a part of team sports my entire life. When I graduated I began Crossfit almost 10  years ago. In the past few years I incorporated HIIT into my own personal workouts and fell in love. HIIT provides an opportunity to teach a group of people of all ages how to stay motivated, get a good workout all while having fun. When i’m not teaching HIIT I am in the classroom teaching Kindergarten or spending time with my family full of babies, puppies and husband in Lebanon, Oregon.

Ben Elkin

Owner and CF-L2

CF L1 Weightlifting Certified

Adaptive & Inclusive Trainer

 Ben has been an athlete his entire life. He grew up playing baseball, soccer and basketball and persued baseball at the college level. After baseball was over, he found himself in the world of CrossFit because of the need for competition. Learning quickly that is was more the community that drew him in. His love for Competing grew in the form of teaching others the sport of fitness. Ben found himself with passion for this, that made him want to open his own box and share with others the depth of the community of Crossfit.

Chris Nordstrand

CF-L1 Trainer 

USAW L1 Certified 

Chris was a three sport athlete in high school and played baseball at Corban College. He began his CrossFit journey 5 years ago and is a certified L1 instructor in CrossFit and USA Weightlifting. He loves competing and loves spending time with his two crazy boys. He loves spreading the joy that comes with the CrossFit community and helping people crush their functional fitness goals!

Amber Basting

CF-L1 Trainer

Amber has always enjoyed being active. She started gymnastics at age 7 and fell in love with the sport. She later went onto coach competitive girls gymnastics for many years as well as teach aerobics and other fitness classes. Then, in 2014 a friend dragged her to CrossFit where she found an amazing community that has a passion for health and fitness. In 2015 she got her Level 1 Certification and has enjoyed coaching athletes of all different fitness levels and ages. When she is not doing CrossFit she enjoys spending time with her 5 kids and husband.

Elizabeth Patton


Elizabeth has a background in competitive gymnastics and bodybuilding, which has given her a good foundation and skills that transfer over well. Elizabeth first heard about CrossFit while attending a business networking meeting with the local Chamber of Commerce back in 2009. It caught her eye when they started doing the demo of different movements. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing! Gymnastics, weightlifting, and fitness all wrapped up into one amazing thing. Elizabeth knew she found something special. It peaked her interest so much that she signed up with Central Oregon CrossFit in 2009, and the journey continues. Elizabeth has competed at a few local CrossFit competitions and a Supertotal weightlifting meet. Elizabeth is a masters athlete who understands the effects of aging and different restrictions this may pose. She obtained her CrossFit Level 1 certification to share her knowledge by inspiring and encouraging others to achieve their fitness goals.