Our Vision & Mission

Our Why

To be the GO-TO gym in our city and an example for all in 
fitness, business and community. 

WVCF Exists...

To CREATE a space where our members feel empowered, inspired and safe to achieve their fitness goals. 

To TEACH with enthusiasm, relevance and a high level of competency. 

To GROW as athletes, coaches and family both in numbers and as individuals.


We understand that ALL of our clients come from different athletic backgrounds - some may have been varsity athletes in high school or college, and for some this may be their first time working out. At WVCF we have doctors, students, parents, business owners and just about any profession and background you can think of, but one thing is the same for everybody - you have all joined our gym to get in better shape. Reaching this goal takes time and sacrifice. As long as you are dedicated to coming in and working hard, we will be dedicated to helping you reach your goals.

There is a TON to learn and master, and this can make CrossFit both fun and at times frustrating. So don't get discouraged or frustrated. We have all been down the same path and our gym is filled with countless resources to help you do all the things that you think may be impossible!

What to Expect

We offer small group classes, led by CrossFit Certified trainers (check out the Coaches section to meet us!).  These group classes help promote a healthy, competitive and friendly community, where everybody is going through the same workout and experiencing the same “pain” as the person next to them! You will find all the members of our community to be encouraging and friendly, regardless of athletic ability. Members routinely cheer on one another, stay late to motivate the people finishing last, give pointers on technique and nutrition and even organize social events outside of the gym. This is the culture of our community! 

Our coaches are all professional and always have your health, fitness and safety in mind. We will follow a similar class structure for almost every class, although each coach will always have the freedom to change certain aspects if he or she needs to. You can always expect to be warmed up, taught the correct technique and mechanics, and then the Workout of the Day (WOD) will follow. The classes are an hour long, but you will find that members often come early or stay late to do extra stretching, warming up and practice some of the more complicated movements while waiting.